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I am kind of obsessed with organization. I like lists and planners and more lists. It’s not often that things actually get crossed off said lists… but I still love them.

I found these adorable planners that would be a great help to anyone who is attempting to organize their life.

{My Lavender Cottage}The covers are amazing. The layouts are great too.
*These are 12 month planners and can start with any month that you like.
Perfect for someone who needs a new planner midway through the year.

Printable planner that has the cutest illustrations. The 2010 planner is currently on clearance! And the 2011 planner looks even cuter than 2010.

I have this one and I LOVE IT.
A sweet friend purchased and sent it to me… knowing my love for planners.
It’s on my desk as I speak. I use it to organize my business.
It’s great, you purchase the digital file, so you essentially never have to buy another planner again.
You print it yourself and fill it in with the dates each month. Included in the digital files: introduction page to your planner, monthly calendar page, weekly calendar page, and notes page (2 versions)

I use the monthly calendar page to outline my blog posts for the month and then use the weekly calendar page for my weekly design/shop tasks.

A mini – meal planner booklet.
This is perfect for those of us who enjoy not having to come up with a plan for dinner at 5:15pm….when you are tired and beyond hungry. Make your meal list at the beginning of the week and do your shopping for said list. Trust me, it makes life a lot less stressful.

Do you have a planner that you love? Any tips on organization?

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