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My sweet baby (i.e. husband) has whisked me away for the weekend to celebrate my birthday (many, many thanks to my sweet brother & sister-in-law for making this possible… LOVE you.) We are spending a couple nights in a beautiful hotel, away from the little ones (THANKS to nana and papa), and away from the stress and pressure of life. It has been a CRAZY couple of months and there are really no words that can accurately describe how thankful I am for such a sweet gift.

{view from our hotel room… breathtaking.}

Here are a few links for your weekend:

Helpful post if you work/create from home like myself.

Free desktop calendar for November (it is currently my own desktop background and it is so cute that even my husband noticed it…)

2011 wedding color trends part 1 & part 2. Are you getting married in 2011? What colors are you finding are most trendy? What colors are you using? I’m curious.

This is super cute and I have been trying to find a reason to use it!

I want one of each design for my little boys. And one for myself too. adorable. {from the writer of Fly Though Our Window}

I think my husband would love for me to make this (because he loves all things Spain, especially the food.)

LOVE this holiday hair-do. I want my hair to look like that… only a blonde version.

And lastly, a sweet and encouraging gift from a sister in Christ. (to listen click here)

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