Ideas For Your Valentine’s Day


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Here are a few links for your Valentine’s Day Weekend

These would be cute made into sweet little Valentine’s.

Heart-Shaped Peppermint Patties. Yes, please.

This makes me want to have a ‘no boys allowed’, completely 100% girly (insert: sparkly) Valentine’s Day Party.

Super cute decorations

Snowflake Hearts

I think this is so sweet and adorable… although I would never have the patience (insert: sewing ability) to make this.

Use these, Heart & Lollipop Flowers for your little ones to give to his/her friends.

And I definitely want to make this with Drew this weekend.

. . . . . .

More fun ideas to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your little ones:

+ Make Valentine’s to give to family and friends.

+ Make Valentine’s Day decorations for your home. Decorate your table and your little one’s chair or place setting (THIS is adorable!)

+ Make heart-shaped cookies, cupcakes, etc. to give to family and friends.

+ Be a Valentine to someone who may not have one (i.e. visit an elderly home and bring lots of Valentine’s to give away).

+ Make a special Valentine’s Day breakfast, lunch, or dinner. (i.e. heart-shaped pancakes)

. . . . . .

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your love and your lovely little ones?

Any traditions in your family? I would love to hear them!

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