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I love finding a great handwriting font. When I was in college my art professors were always anti-handwriting fonts for the simple reason that they look fake, which goes against the purpose of a handwritten font in the first place. I get that. But what if it was created from an actual person’s handwriting… and used in a minimalistic, natural, organic way? These sort of things should never be over used, like a title is pretty much it (insert: NEVER for body text.) đŸ™‚

I follow Elise Joy’s blog and love it. The other day she posted that her handwriting had been created into a font. So of course I had to click on her link and check it out for myself. Fonts For Peas has lots of really great handwritten fonts for free, and of course I got sucked in…. I probably downloaded 15 fonts. ha. I found a few that I really liked (including Elise’s!) and two are below. What do you think? Could you or would you use this for a project you are currently working on?

This one was passed on to me by a sweet friend, Mary, who happens to be a great artist! I wanted to show a great example of a handwritten font (I love this font… it is easy to read but still has the natural feel of a real handwritten note). So, below the font sample is an image of a retreat promotional piece that Mary created the artwork for. It is clean, modern, and beautiful. The font is perfect for this piece as it ties in the organic quality of the illustration with the title. She then used a clean sans-serif for the tag line and extra information. Using a different font for the additional text creates a hierarchy that is easy to understand visually. You see the title first and the remaining text as secondary. What do you think? Do you love it to?

{Sunshine In My Soul – free download here}

Great work Mary!

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