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The past few weeks have been CRAZY around here, as noted in my weekend wardrobe post yesterday. I have learned over the years that I seem to handle the craziness better if I have at least one project that I can be working on in those down moments that is just for fun. For some of you that just stressed you out. Down time needs to be down time right? Haha… for me, those ‘just for fun’ projects re-energize my creativity and give me time to turn my brain off to that endless to do list…. and to create something fun and beautiful. Below are just a couple of the projects I have been tackling!

{Drawer Hangers}
I made this originally to go in my entry way to hang purses, bags, and coats on
but I am now thinking it may be perfect in our master bathroom as a jewelry holder.
What would you do with it?

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{Yarn Wreath}
I finally finished this wreath and I love it… now where to hang it?
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What do you think this?
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Are you working on any ‘just for fun’ projects? I hope so!
Let me know… I love finding new projects.

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