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I recently added an inspiration board to my office. I tend to accumulate pieces that I love (pictures from magazines, quotes, photographs, napkins… you name it and I probably have a well designed version of that thing glued in my sketchbook) and I needed a place that was in view (i.e. once it goes in my sketchbook I may forget about how lovely that certain little piece of inspiration is…) to display all these wonderful finds as I am working on new designs.

I picked up a cork board on clearance, tacked ribbon onto the top and hung it on the back of my office door. There is not a whole lot of wall space in my office and when I am working the door is shut, so the back of the door was a great solution.

The idea is that this board will serve as inspiration for new designs that I am working on. Once those new designs are complete the inspiration will go live in the sketchbook, making room for new inspiration (however, the pictures of my sweet boys will stay… forever. ;)). The board cannot become a clutter catch-all without purpose… I am not an artist who works well with clutter. I need clean lines and clean spaces. So, hold me to it… if you see that board getting out of control, make me clean it out!

Currently Inspired by:
+ A Candy Party
+ The most adorable postcard ever (this one may stay forever too)
+ Bright Colors
+ These chairs from Anthropologie (the color, the lines, everything!)
+ Sweet & Thoughtful Packaging

{Sneak Peek Inspiration}
The below photograph is serving as inspiration for a new line of designs/product that I am working on.
Any guesses at what it might be?

Do you have an inspiration board? What is inspiring you right now?

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