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Total Floor Area



{Mess of an Office}
I need a better system. I currently do all my finishing/assembly work on the floor. ugh. I am open for suggestions. Remember, my desk is tiny.

Picture description from left to right:
1. Drew’s toy garage that he pretends is a pirate ship. Apparently he thought the semi-truck hanging out the door was treasure because it looks as though he tried to bury it.
2. Fishing line?
3. Scraps from one the wedding projects below. If you buy handmade you are supporting less waste. I try to get as much out of one piece of paper as humanly possible. Ask my Bible study girls what they write their prayer requests on each week… haha.
4. (top left) NECESSARY tools of the trade: 2″ circle punch, scissors, double-sided adhesive (this stuff saved my life when I realized its existence), 1/4″ hole punch, a heavy duty rotary cutter and on the far right you see my double puncher
5. The wedding placecards on the assembly line
6. And more scraps.

{Pretty Wedding Compliments}
Table Numbers & Place Cards
The place cards will be used with straws! Isn’t that an adorable idea?
The bride came up with that one, so ingenius.

{Bridal Shower Accessories}
I tried my hand at this tutorial. I made one large one and two small ones. I LOVE them.
(and secretly want to hang them in my house.)

{Sweet Baby Announcement}

I love this very sweet and so dear-to-us family and was beyond happy to work on their baby announcements.
What a joy!

. . .
What are you working on? Any DIY projects keeping you busy?

Stay tuned, my little winner from here (*it’s not too late to take a guess!) will be announced tomorrow!

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