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{Women’s Retreat}

My weekend entailed hours of in-depth biblical study, intense conversation, and no sleep due to an amazing and unbelievable women’s retreat. Our church brought in two ladies (from the first Aletheia Church in Virginia) who are pursuing hard after God. I love these ladies so much, they are such great examples and it was incredible being able to spend so much quality time with them. They led us in a powerful study of pride versus humility; it was beautiful and so very challenging.

… and like any sleepover there was not a great amount of sleep that actually occurred. So, not only did I wear something similar to the below ensemble for the retreat… I am wearing something similar even now on what was a very early Monday morning.

+ p.j. pants, tank, & hoodie by gap
+ super soft, chenille blanket by restoration hardware
(and everyone needs a blanky for a sleepover right?)

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