DIY: Paint Swatch Canvas


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I love Pinterest. Have you tried it? I will warn you, it is rather addicting. I have found the most amazing DIY project inspiration on there. Awhile back I posted that I wanted to try this for my husband’s office, but when I showed it to him he was unconvinced to say the least. Then I found this which is the same idea but with a more finished look. So I put my own twist on it and I think it turned out great. It successfully added a pop of color for $0.00.
Materials Needed:
Paint Swatches
Mod Podge
1. Cut paint information off swatches (I used a rotary cutter and though it was time consuming, I did it while watching tv so it didn’t seem like I was wasting time.)
2. Create pattern with swatches to your liking BEFORE gluing down
3. Glue each swatch down to the canvas. I overlapped each row onto the one before to create straight lines since all my cut lines were not perfectly even and straight.
4. Allow glue to dry and then liberally brush modge podge over the entire canvas (I did two coats)
5. Allow to dry
6. Hang and admire. 🙂
. . . 
I want to see yours if you make one!

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