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I tend to always have a lot going on. This has been the story of my life… well… all my life. I can honestly say that I have tried multiple ways to remember every task and stay on top of things but this week I am trying a new tactic. I know, very well, that trying to tackle an entire life’s worth of to-do’s is impossible and will only result in depression and procrastination. ha. So, this week I knew I had a lot going on in my preparation for leaving for The Stationery Academy. Woooo! 
I have decided that, through much trial and error, I am definitely a visual person and need things right in front of me. My game plan for this week was to download EVERYTHING I have going on in my head… even if the deadline is months from now and even if it was as tiny as writing an email. I then categorized the list according to area of my life (i.e. Business, Ministry, etc.) I printed off that list and taped it right above my desk. Overwhelming to some, yes, but for me it provides safety… an assurance that I will not forget even one of the things I am supposed to be thinking about, planning, doing. The final step proves to be the most important though, I choose just 5 things off the list, highlight them in yellow and those are my tasks for the day (pink signifies finished!). Those 5 things are doable, manageable and therefor I am not in a constant state of discouragement as I seemingly never finish the endless to-do list. (Thank you MTH for the guidance and encouragement on actually getting things done or Making Things Happen.)
What do you think? Am I the only one who struggles with this? Would this seemingly rudimentary system work for you too? If so, give it a whirl! 

My desk; it perfectly represents my life. A stuffed blue puppy, my Bible, my business notebook, a sketch/scrap piece of paper and my mac. Lovely.
Busy office space getting things done. Printing orders. Finishing orders. Packaging orders.  All while being reminded that I hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection. – Thank you Emily Ley.

Loving these boys so much today. A rainy day perfect for staying in those cute p.j.’s. Asher pointed to Drew as soon as I got him out of his crib… I guess he wanted to snuggle with his brother. 🙂

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