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We actually accomplished so much this past weekend and crossed many to-do’s off of our baby bucket list. (List to be published at a later date. :)) 
I’m excited to be making progress and I love knowing that the progress is towards something greater than just a completed to-do list. 
Baby girl we are getting ready for you!!!
Finished button monogram for Adelee’s room.
(The frame will eventually be white.)

I worked on this project and successfully made one but much to my disappointment it didn’t fit in the room. I think it was a bit too small (I should have used a larger frame) and a bit too contemporary. It may still work in a different location but not where I had originally intended for it to go. I felt like the the room needed some life and warmth so, instead I created a wall collage with black frames that will feature our little (or big!) family. What better way to add life than to surround yourself with beautiful photos of the ones you love. The empty frames will hold photos of Andrew, Asher and Adelee. You can see a precious photo of Aaden below the family photo.

Also in the works was a makeover of this Pier 1 shelf we’ve had since we got married. The colors use to work perfectly in our home but we decided to use it in Adelee’s room so the orange, green and yellow had to go away. 🙂 We sanded it down and painted just the shelves white. It works perfectly in her room since the crib and dresser are dark cherry but everything else is made up of creams and whites (with hints of pink, of course.)

The shelves still needs to be ‘staged’ with perfect little accessories but I am really happy with how the transformation from orange and green to white turned out.

 You can’t tell from the photo but these are teeny tiny tissue poms that will potentially hang from the netting over Adelee’s crib to act as a mobile. I am kind of obsessed with how cute they are (and super inexpensive and easy to make.)

Love how things are coming together!

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