Adelee is One (Month!)


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We celebrate in this family. We celebrate even the smallest of milestones and the most seemingly of mundane moments. We celebrate because each day and experience truly is a gift.

As a parent it is easy to wish away those sleepless nights and the first few days of sheer confusion when you wonder if this is what the rest of your life will be like. đŸ™‚ However, after losing Aaden, even the difficulty of sleepless nights and unending crying are beautiful… because it means you have a baby in your arms to love and care for. We know first hand just how fragile life can be so we choose to enjoy and celebrate each and every milestone.

So, happy one month baby girl!

p.s. We are trusting that you will ‘heart’ daddy soon too. I think his beard is just a bit too prickly for you to be able to enjoy all the millions of kisses he smothers you with on a daily basis.

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