Happy Father’s Day!


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Happy Father’s Day.

I am thankful for the ways you love our boys and now our little lady too. I am thankful that you love Jesus and that you teach them about Him every day. Thank you for building endless amounts of leggo creations, for wrestling and playing splash-down (even though I hate it. :)) for making spontaneous Cherry Berry dates and for loving daddy-date-night so much. Thank you for getting the boys ready for bed every night and for ending each day with a Bible story and prayer time. Thank you for disciplining in love and for teaching them how to do life. Thank you for teaching them how to love their mommy and sister and how to one day love a wife and be a daddy. You are amazing and I thank God for you every single day.

The first picture above was created by simply printing out the letters to spell ‘We Love You’ then cutting them down to their individual letters and adhering a length of twine to the letters to create a cute garland with a special message. Then I took a picture, printed and framed it. 
We sent the photo to all the grandpa’s to let them know how loved they are on this sweet holiday.
We wouldn’t be the people, spouses, or parents we are today without their love and guidance.
I hope they know how much they are loved by us. 
The second set of photos I created for Aaron. I printed out the letters ‘D’ and ‘A’, framed them and took a photo of each little one with a letter to spell out ‘Dad.’ I placed the photos in a floating frame to create quite the little masterpiece that daddy will cherish forever. I’m thinking this would be super cute to recreate each year as the little ones grow….
A few comical outtakes. These boys crack me up. 
If only I would have recorded their conversation too.

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