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Define Your Ideal Client

  • She is playful and sweet and loves to laugh
  • She loves the sunshine
  • She values even the smallest of details and thoughtful touches win her heart
  • She sends handwritten notes to those that she loves… and she truly believes that pen and paper will never go out of style
  • She never misses a birthday and starts planning the parties a year out just because she saw a fun new idea
  • She celebrates the big and the small, investing in the every day, striving to make it exceptional
  • She has fun no matter what she’s doing
  • And she is sure that everything is her favorite
  • She shops at flea markets, loves road trips, pizza and her drink of choice is sweet tea… preferably out of a mason jar
  • She loves working with her hands and a project of some type is always within arms reach
  • She has never seen a blank canvas she didn’t want to paint
  • She fills her home with laughter, dancing, and a whole lot of grace
  • And she never needs a reason to invite friends and family over to share a meal… her door is always open
  • She has an obsession with perfectly organized closets and drawers
  • She spends her days diligently and intentionally… she is not idle, never ‘wasting’ a moment
  • Her little ones sport popped collars and flip flops, she is sure they are the cutest little ones on earth
  • And when they play barefoot in the backyard, their incessant giggling makes her smile
  • Her husband has her heart and she knows that in his arms, she is safe
  • She believes and trusts in a God who knows her by name, who has redeemed her and bought her with a price, who works miracles every day, who provides joy through the suffering and has turned her mourning into dancing.


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