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I am three weeks behind my self-imposed launch deadline.

Rather than choosing to be frustrated or discouraged I am choosing to be more excited and more energized than ever.

I am grateful because I now have printers lined up for all of my new products.

I am grateful because I have the most amazing best friend ever who has an amazing gift of taking the most amazing photographs, who willingly and graciously and excitingly photographed all of my new products without complaint while children are crawling at our feet or perched on our hips while we are holding props or cameras and we are laughing at how ‘if only the world could just see us now.’

I am grateful because I have a husband who has sacrificed his helper for the past few weeks while I go into hiding to finish this last phase of this business launch.

I am grateful for little ones who show grace to a mommy who has fed them either grilled cheese or quesadillas almost every night for quite some time now.

I am grateful that God’s timing is far more perfect and planned than my own and I am grateful that I can trust in Him and His plan for me and this business.

A little sneak peek.

Thank you Shay Cochrane Photography for this (and the billion other) amazing photographs.

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