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When beginning this process of rebranding my business I was told to write down my biggest and most crazy dreams. I made a note the first time I did this that said, ‘I have never felt the freedom to dream big…’ I’m not sure why I had never felt that freedom before, but it made the process of ‘dreaming big’ very challenging… at first. Once you finally get started, dreaming comes quite effortlessly. Aaron and I came up with a few of these together this past summer as we worked through what the purpose and motivation of my business truly was.

I use this list of Crazy Dreams to provide a bit of motivation and inspiration on the days when procrastination or fear or a big creative block take over. Figuring out the ‘why am I even doing this’ ahead of time, helps push me forward in that moment of unsureness.

My BIG crazy dreams list
+ spend a year traveling the world with my family. italy and spain here we come… one day.
+ learn spanish & italian
+ pay off my student loans
+ manage my business well (especially the finances)
+ love and serve my family, undivided
+ raise little ones who grow to deeply love the Lord
+ learn to sew and make cute little dresses for my sweet little girl
+ open an online store that is all my own (Yippeee!)
+ create a line of products that are completely based on scripture (another Yipppeeee!)
+ write a children’s book
+ write a book about my journey after losing aaden
+ tangibly help those that are suffering due to the loss of a child
+ build a business that will contribute to my family financially (crazy, right?!)
+ build a business that is manageable from anywhere in the world
+ stay in one of those huts on the ocean… (except I’m deathly afraid of sharks so I’m kind of second guessing that one….)


What is your biggest, most craziest dream?! Leave a comment here telling me your biggest dream and you will be entered in a drawing for the chance to win a fun new Ashlee Proffitt product! Giveaway opportunity ends Sunday at midnight. Winner will be announced Monday.

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