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Last week I had the pleasure of hosting a little cookout for my husband’s small group. I wanted to make it special and let our sweet friends know how much we love them. So, naturally I wanted to create a caramel apple bar. I mean, why not use caramel apples to show some love? Right?

Well, it was a huge hit! Everyone loved making their own caramel apple creations. I’m thinking this would be a super cute addition to any fall party you have planned this season, even setting up one for Thanksgiving would be a great idea! Simple but wonderful!

And a little tip. Use an apple slicer. Slices are so much easier to manage when working with sticky caramel, especially for the little ones!

In case you want to make your own Caramel Apple Bar I included free printables of all the little place cards as well as the pendant flag. There are directions on the file for easy printing and using. Let me know if you create your own! I would love to see photos!

Happy Fall Banner
(This little banner is super easy to use! Print on the paper of your choice — I used a lightweight white cardstock, cut each sheet in half and then fold each letter in half. This way, instead of having to adhere each letter  to the string they will literally just sit on the string. See picture for a visual.)

Table Place Cards
(I used kraft cardstock for a rustic fall feel on the table itself.)
What do you think? Will you give this a try?!

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