Make a Candy Turkey!


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Make a Candy Turkey!

+Oreos (x 2 for each turkey)
+Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (turkey body)
+Malted Milk Balls (turkey head)
+Strawberry Twizzlers (cut into small pieces – turkey beard)
+ Candy Corn (turkey beak & feathers)
+ Sprinkles (orange or yellow = turkey feet)
+ Icing (to adhere all the turkey pieces)

1. Use icing as glue to attach Oreo cookies perpendicular to one another
2. Cut 1/4 of the peanut butter cup off to create a flat edge
3. Use icing to adhere peanut butter cup to Oreo cookie
4. Use icing to adhere malted milk ball to cookie and peanut butter cup.
5. Add a layer of icing to the icing of the cookie and add the candy corn ‘feathers.’ (the extra layer of soft icing will help the ‘feathers’ to stay.)
5. Cut 1/2 of one piece of candy corn off to create a flat edge and using icing as glue adhere the candy corn to the malted milk ball to create a beak
6.  Use icing to add twizzler right under the beak
7. Use toothpick to add ‘eyes’ with a teeny amount of icing on the end of the toothpick.
8. Use same toothpick with more icing to create feet or you can adhere sprinklers with icing to create feet.
9. Now take a picture to capture this sweet memory and then eat your turkey!!

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