the story. (part 3)


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I knew I wanted more than just paper (although I have already stated my absolute love for all things paper!) I wanted to spread the beauty of Truth into other goods I use in my everyday, providing an opportunity to celebrate that Truth even in the mundane moments.

My first obvious choice was iPhone cases. My phone goes with me everywhere. I feel a bit lost without it (which is kind of problem, but we’ll address that later. đŸ˜‰ I use it all day long to stay connected with the outside world (being a mom of 3 = being a hermit sometimes.) Why not display Truth and encouragement and wisdom and inspiration on something I hold in my hand and see throughout the everyday?

The end result is a collection of unbelievably beautiful cases that do that very thing, provide truth, encouragement, inspiration… a message of true hope. Once again, a beautiful way to remain focused and grounded in a world that is constantly turning my heart away from the God I love. I absolutely LOVE the iPhone cases. I am thrilled with the company I chose to work with to produce the cases and the quality is amazing.

If you want a constant reminder of True beauty, the iPhone cases are perfect for the job.

What is your favorite iPhone case design?

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(Purchase as many as you want! sale ends Thursday, November 8!)

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