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I LOVE wrapping gifts. There are so many creative ways to wrap gifts to make it extra special. This year I decided to color code the gifts with ribbon and coordinating gift tags in their favorite color. I used green, blue and purple on red wrapping paper. I found so many adorable free printable gift tags with just a simple Pinterest search. My favorite find was a collection of printable gift tags that Laura Birney put together on her blog. One of the freebies included color varieties which came in handy for my color coordinated system. All other gifts (for extended family) will be wrapped in white paper with red ribbon.

How do you wrap your gifts for your little ones? Do you have any fun Christmas traditions?

I have a slight obsession with kraft paper and twine and maybe even some washi tape thrown in. If you have ever ordered something from the Ashlee Proffitt Shop you probably figured that out pretty quickly. I would wrap all my Christmas gifts this way but my little ones don’t seem to share the same love and enthusiasm for brown paper as I do. 🙂 Take a look at some of my favorite gift wrapping inspiration below.

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Happy Wrapping!!!

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