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We are making lots of little goodies to give to teachers and friends. The two below are amazing!!! I love DIY gifts because of the thought and meaning behind them. However, oftentimes my DIY ideas do not turn out as amazing as the idea in my head. I have been collecting ideas over the last year via Pinterest for DIY gifts specifically for Christmas this year. My criteria was simple, the materials needed to be readily accessible and relatively inexpensive (otherwise, what is the point?), and the end result needed to be high quality (not having the appearance that I just threw something together at the last minute – which so many of my DIY projects end up like.)  The two ideas below are for Andrew’s kindergarten teacher. They are SUPER simple, inexpensive and turned out beautiful!!

This idea is from BMoore Celebrations and is pure genius. Instead of using a shadow box I cut foam core down to 8×10. We hot glued the crayons to a piece of cardstock that I had printed Andrew’s teacher’s name on beforehand. We then glued the cardstock to the foam core and adhered ribbon to the back for easy hanging.

I love this. Really.

Also for Ms. Rose is a custom bottle of hand sanitizer. Again, pure genius. The idea is from The Idea Room and then Delia Creates took the idea a step further to create the art I used for Ms. Rose’s gift.

Perfect, right? I hope she loves them. A few other great looking DIY gifts are below! I hope you’ll give them a try!

+ Personalized Coasters by Martha Stewart
+ Glass Jar Typography by Oh Happy Day
+ Paper Stuffed Ornament by Better Homes & Gardens (I think this idea is really sweet and made even sweeter if the paper had special meaning. i.e. wedding vows, favorite song, favorite children’s book, etc.)
+ Painted Serving Utensils by Collect & Carry

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