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around-here1Around here I am praying through each day, asking God for grace to confront the crazy with much joy. Around here I am busy, not necessarily productive in the ways I would sometimes like, but productive in what truly matters most… like loving and ministering to the hearts of my children and husband. Around here I am feeling quite exhausted but overwhelmingly grateful. Around here I am surrounded by the most amazing blessings… and sometimes it takes doing a little blog post such as this to be reminded of those very blessings.

1 – The boys’ craft nook in our (unbelievably large) pantry is coming together. Grateful for a space that gives them the freedom to play and explore artistically.
2 – Continuing to get organized and ‘settled’ into our new home. Grateful for the space that makes organization so easy.
3 – Loads of laundry. And loads of superheroes. Grateful for a washer and dryer. (And I secretly love doing laundry. It feels SO productive! Anyone else?)
4 – A reminder to be more intentional with my husband. We set out this year committing to reading this little devotional together in the mornings and evenings. Life seems to take over most days and that very important part of our day gets pushed aside. Here’s to making room for the important! Grateful for opportunities to learn what is working and what isn’t and opportunities to make changes where needed.
5 – Cute DIY art from our last house that makes me smile every time I see it. One of these days I will share the very easy tutorial so you can make your own and smile too! Grateful for polka dots, confetti, and gold paint.
6 – My baby is eating lots and lots of solid food. And by eating I mean…. Grateful for a healthy, growing baby girl that I get to squeeze and hug and kiss and chase around all day.
7 – We got a patio set! And ate our first dinner outside last night. AMAZING. Grateful for a little dream coming true.
8 – Unfinished back-splash (the reason I haven’t shown you my amazing new kitchen.) Grateful for the opportunity to learn contentment.
9 – A sweet friend is getting married this weekend. Grateful for the gift of marriage (and these adorable programs I am working on for her!)
10 – My silly to-do list that only seems to grow. Grateful for the opportunity to prioritize that which is most important and save the rest for another day.
11 – A wall collage that keeps evolving. Grateful for the opportunity to turn a house into a home.
12 – Pretty little gold artwork in our dining room. Another super simple DIY and a couple of cans of gold spray paint = perfection. Grateful for the gift of being an artist and seeing beauty and potential in the craziest of places.


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