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I have realized I thrive with routine, schedules, and lots of boundaries.

I get lost without a list and I don’t go anywhere without a planner.

I relished my time with my kiddos this summer but I am so excited about what is ahead for our family and my business. I am so excited for a solid routine again!! School is back in session and that means a daily schedule has once again been instituted. Praise the Lord for early bed times!! đŸ˜‰

2013-08-20_00012013-08-20_00042013-08-20_00022013-08-20_0003Today marked a big day for us. The first time my two youngest will be out of the home being loved on by someone other than their mama. For the past year or so I have had wonderful nanny’s in my home 1-2 mornings a week helping me with the littles. They were a huge blessing to me specifically as I was not quite ready to let my babies out of my sight. So they put up with me being within earshot most days and my constant coming out of the office for a quick ‘hug break.’ As the summer was drawing to a close and the nanny who had been absolutely amazing with them over the summer was preparing to go back to school, I began praying for the perfect childcare solution. After a lot of fretting and thinking and even more praying God provided the perfect solution.

Ms. Lindsey. She is a sweet friend, partner in ministry and one of the most highly educated, gifted and loving women I know. (Did I mention she’s highly educated… like Asher may actually learn his colors and complete alphabet now?!) My children are in great hands to say the least.

She will be doing preschool with Asher and I cannot even tell you how excited I am about this!! And let’s be honest, Asher was actually beside himself with sheer joy when Ms. Lindsey showed him her school room. My heart is overwhelmed by the blessings God provides and the sweet ways He works.

Asher 1st Day PreK_smWhat this means for me and the Ashlee Proffitt business is more dedicated, solid work time. I have not had this much quiet in about 6 years (and actually panicked a little when I got back home from drop off.)

Big things are on the horizon and my plate is beyond full at the moment but I am so excited about the future! I am working with my web designer on a major website update, having a few new branding elements designed by the amazing calligrapher who did my original logo, finishing up designs for a major new product launch complete with TONS of new goodies full of your favorite Bible verses, finalizing plans for Christmas goodies, tying up loose ends with a handful of amazing branding clients, lots of new blog content on its way to you lovely readers, working on a few exciting projects that will help all of you creatives who are looking for branding advice or shop start-up advice. I think I am most looking forward to the release of some beautiful products just in time for AadenSage‘s birthday.

There is so much going on but I am so excited for what lies ahead!!

And as always, I covet your prayers as I seek the Lord and His will for this business (as well as all the other areas of my life as well!!)


P.S. If you purchased a Christmas Advent Calendar last year, I would love your feedback. Send me your thoughts on how this meaningful product can be improved to and you will receive a coupon for this year’s new and improved Advent Calendar set to be released early November.

P.P.S. I am starting a blog series ‘Ask Me Anything’ and I would love your questions to get me started! Send me any questions about anything and I would love to try and get them answered for you!! (

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