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2013-09-16_0006My oldest son was baptized on September 8, 2013.

I will remember this day as one of the best days ever. A blessing and sweet gift from the Lord. Aside from the births of our children I’m not sure I have ever felt such giddiness in my heart. Obviously the day he prayed and asked Jesus to save him is of highest importance, but this, this beautiful public display of his love for Jesus produced such joy in me that words are simply inadequate. There were more tears than I could ever account for as I praised the Lord and thanked Him for such a gift. As a parent whose belief and hope is in Jesus, there isn’t anything more we pray for than for the hearts of our children to be turned to Jesus.

As he stood there, grinning from ear to ear, so brave and overjoyed, I cried out to the Lord and begged Him to grow Andrew in wisdom and truth and love for Him. To draw Andrew nearer to Himself every single day. To protect him from temptation. To make him a leader among leaders. To be a light amidst darkness. To genuinely and passionately and unabashedly love the Lord.

IMG_1024-1 2013-09-16_0001 2013-09-16_0002 2013-09-16_0003 2013-09-16_00042013-09-16_0005Dear Andrew,
This day, September 8, 2013, is a day our family will treasure forever. I hope you treasure it and keep it close to your mind and your heart forever too. I hope that when your faith wavers and your mind has doubts that our gracious God will bring this day, and January 23, 2012, to your mind and you will remember God’s faithful pursuit of you… even as a small child. Your faith is a blessing. Your faith is a gift. Your desire for the Lord and things of the Lord is only from Him. Jesus loved you so much He chose to reveal Himself to you, while you were still so young. He loved you so much He said, ‘I want to know you. I want to save you. I want to make you mine. I want to keep you from a life of wandering. I want you now.’ And little one you are His. He has saved you and made you new. Forever.

You are a brave boy who excitedly and oh so joyfully stood in front of 200+ people and let them know you love Jesus. I am so thankful to God for you and the heart He has given you. I pray that as your mama I will faithfully point you to Jesus and when I fail, which will be often, you will be pointed to the One who redeems all the more.

Love you Andrew David Proffitt. Love you so.

P.S. Because I never want to forget… you waved to every.single.person in that auditorium… even yourself on the big screen. Your heart little one. Your heart is massive and full of an unbelievable joy. It’s quite contagious.

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