Ashlee Turns 30.


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Ashlee Turns 30

On November 4, I embark on a new journey. My 30’s.

What?! How is that possible?! Most days I still feel like I’m ‘playing house’ with all these kids around me and dinner in the oven and a pile of laundry that needs washing. But I have lived a lot in my 30 years. Have seen so much, learned so much and experienced God in big ways.

I feel as though each birthday is God’s grace and they are worth celebrating!

This milestone especially is due a little more attention than any other birthday. Maybe because I finally feel more ‘grown-up’ or maybe because I seem to feel a bit more comfortable in my own skin… for whatever reason I am excited for this new journey era and am ready to take it on! To celebrate I’m intentionally posting about turning 30 for the next few days, today I start with my List of Gratitude.

ephesians 5.20 | Ashlee Proffitt

  1. grace & hope. for a love that pursued me at my darkest. romans 5.8
  2. my husband. what a sacrificial and selfless God-fearing example of Jesus he is.
  3. andrew. he made me a mommy. what a sweet and compassionate and kind-hearted and genuine and really funny boy he is.
  4. aaden. he pointed me to a Jesus in a way no one else ever could. what a perfect baby boy he is.
  5. asher. his life has brought joy and restoration and healing… and a renewed trust in Jesus in the darkest of nights. what a strong and independent and brave boy he is.
  6. adelee. her life taught me that God gives sweet blessings and that He knows our hearts in the most profound way. what a beautiful and wild and smiley joy she is.
  7. friendships. i have a few close friends who have taught me what romans 12.10 practically looks like. they have taught me what sacrificial love for one another really means. they have taught me what spurring one another on towards Jesus really means. they aren’t afraid of the hard conversations and they don’t shy away from saying the tough thing.
  8. family. for not holding it against me that i’m a 13 hour drive away and rarely make it back to virginia. for being understanding when life is crazy and the phone calls are a bit too far between. for the way it feels like nothing has changed when we do see each other. for the ‘i’m ready to hop on a flight’ texts when i’m having a hard day or my little one’s in the emergency room.
  9. in-laws (that are family). for these best friendships that I could have never even asked for. for the way it seems perfectly natural for us to feel like siblings and best friends even though we were brought together only through marriage. for the ways God has taught me sacrificial and selfless love through those I call mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law & sister-in-law.
  10. health. i pray i never take this for granted. praising God each day for healthy bodies (myself, my husband and the kiddos) that work and function and are capable of so much.
  11. home. for a home that is a dream. something i do not deserve and daily am grateful for and the way God provided.
  12. white kitchen. i love my kitchen!!! (one day i’ll show you pictures!)
  13. office. it is an unbelievable gift for this work-from-home mama to have an office that is tucked away where i can leave a mess if i need to or shut the door if i need to… or let my little ones play with their toys too.
  14. business growing pains. because even though figuring out this business thing is so hard sometimes, it is so worth it! i love looking back at all i have learned in the past year!!
  15. work from home mama. some days you will find me grumbling about the difficulties of balancing my role as mama while running a business. but in my heart i love that my littles are running around and ‘interrupting’ my work time. i genuinely love having them near me.
  16. coffee. bold, dark roast with non-fat milk please. preferably starbucks. of course.
  17. iphone (technology in general). for the ways it lets me stay connected and especially that i can capture life in the moment.
  18. gold spray painted anything. really the power of spray paint in general and the transformation that can take place always makes me giddy.
  19. quiet time in the mornings. this little act of discipline is a gift to my soul. to start the day in stillness, in prayer and in the Word is never void of bringing truth and hope to my often weary and restless heart.
  20. perfect pens. this paper lover realllly enjoys a good pen.
  21. candles. there is almost always one burning in my house. they make me feel like my home is in order. even if it isn’t.
  22. journals. i have stacks and stacks of journals throughout my house so my list-making obsession can always be put to use.
  23. Bible.
  24. florida. i love living here. the beaches. the weather. the palm trees. it’s perfection.
  25. photography. i love the way a moment, stage, memory is captured forever.
  26. encouraging words. words are my love language. straight to my heart. (all your sweet comments and emails mean more than you will ever know!)
  27. music. and singing and dancing with my littles. nothing makes my heart more full of joy than to hear them singing praises to our God.
  28. road trips. i love exploring especially on a road trip with my love. we’re never lost if we’re together.
  29. travel in general. for the places God has allowed me to go and see and explore and for all the people he has allowed me to meet along the way.
  30. long walks in our neighborhood. so much thinking and praying and worshiping and just being still before the Lord has happened on those wooded paths. they are a blessing to me.
  31. freedom. both spiritually and as an american citizen. for all the men and women who sacrifice their lives to make that happen for our country.

Well that was 31 instead of 30 and I could have kept going. Grateful for so so so so much and praying that God continues to give me a heart of contentment, seeing and fully realizing all the grace He has lavished on me.

What are you thankful for friends?



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