Happy 5th Birthday Aaden.


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Dear Aaden,

Today is your 5th birthday. We will celebrate you today.

We will play Candy Land and giggle at Asher’s excitement. We will go out for donuts because let’s be honest, we know that’s how a 5 year old would want to start his birthday celebration. (And I am sure Andrew will have no problems eating one or two or three on your behalf.) We will go to the beach and swim in the waves and build sandcastles. We will send balloons to heaven. We will make a cake and eat it with lots of ice cream. We will do nothing but celebrate you today. We will talk and think of nothing else.

And we will miss you. Greatly.

You are forever loved little one and I am forever grateful for this day. October 8, 2008 is the day God gave me you, an unbelievable gift. Aaden Sage, you changed my life. Happy birthday little one.


P.S. To celebrate your birthday this year (and all the years to come) mommy wanted to do something really extra special. So I started this thing called the AadenSage Birthday Project. Every year on your birthday, starting today, I am going to send a gift to anyone who might be missing their baby boy or baby girl. I want to remind all the mommies and daddies out there that they are not alone and their little ones are forever loved, and never forgotten. Just like you will be forever loved and never forgotten. Thank you baby boy for helping to bring joy and life and peace and love to so many. There is no better way to celebrate your birthday!

AadenSage Birthday Project | Bringing joy and peace to suffering parents.Friends, if you know ANYONE who has lost a child please email aadensage@ashleeproffitt.com with their name and address. I will be sending a ‘Forever Loved‘ art print to every single one. My hope is to remind mommies and daddies everywhere that their little will never be forgotten and will indeed be forever loved. (Feel free to grab the image above and share this post with anyone you like.)


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