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All Things Fashion by Megan Michele | by Ashlee Proffittphoto by Kortni Marie Photography

I am so excited to introduce you to my amazing friend Megan! For years this woman has been a style inspiration to me. She is a lover of fashion and quite the expert on what is (and what is not!) fashionable. And the wealth of knowledge she has is unbelievable. Just this past week she was educating me on the history of the cable-knit sweater and the proper size of buttons all while ‘auditing my closet.’ I decided that I had kept Megan to myself for far too long and it was time to share her gift with all of you lovely readers. She has recently decided to begin her own blog and business endeavor. Megan Michele, a blog and business dedicated to style and fashion, will launch in the very near future!

As for us, we will hear from Megan every other week with inspiration and information that is perfect for you, my readers. Megan will instruct us on how to use the pieces we already own to create beautiful and stylish looks as well as what pieces are worth saving up for and investing in for the future. We already have a few posts planned (I am SO excited about the wardrobe styles she is currently putting together for us!), but we still want to hear from you! What would you like to know from Megan in regards to All Things Fashion?

Now, let’s get to know Megan! 

Ashlee: Where are you from?
Megan: I’ve moved way too much to answer that question sufficiently, so let’s say the longest place lived: Tampa! 

Ashlee: How long have you loved all things fashion?
Megan: I’ve appreciated, respected and loved all things fashion since my early teens. However, I did not start showing that through dress, until my early 20’s!

Ashlee: What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?
Megan: Dark chocolate + the show, Revenge! 

Ashlee: Tell me one thing about yourself that no one knows (or most people anyway!)
Megan: I’m a registered Republican, yet I prefer CNN News 😉

Ashlee: What excites you most about this new entrepreneurial endeavor?
Megan: What most excites me is not being limited by an Executive Board! The thought of having the freedom to creatively express this passion of mine is so very motivating and pure bliss!

Ashlee: What’s your ideal date night?
Megan: Anything that includes my husband’s undivided attention and no mobile phones!

Ashlee: What’s your favorite store:
Megan: J. Crew + Banana Republic

Ashlee: Who is your favorite fashion icon?
Megan: Hands down, Grace Kelly! Modern day, Jessica Alba, Kate Middleton, Rose Byrne + Olivia Palermo (You will quickly find, I can’t be limited to one favorite… there are just far too many to choose from!)

Ashlee: What’s your go-to inspiration blog/site?
Megan:  The Style List

Ashlee: Do you have any bargain shopping tips for those of us on a budget?
Megan: The best tip for bargain shopping: be patient! Most retail stores regularly rotate sales (new items included), so if you’re able to refrain from impulse purchases, but rather keep you’re eyes open for a few extra days, you’ll be sure to save some money!

Ashlee: What is your favorite, most important staple item in your closet?
Megan: Currently, it would have to be the Kensington Satchel by Madewell. I’m a firm believer that having quality pieces in your wardrobe can can quickly enable any drab outfit to suddenly look polished and purposefully put together!

Ashlee: What else would you like to tell our readers?
Megan: So often we look at our closets and feel far too inadequate because they don’t seem to measure up to what the fashion industry is demanding and think to ourselves, “If only I had ‘these’ items, I would be so much better off!”. My hopes in starting this blog (and guest posting here!) is to move women away from feeling the need to buy every latest trend, but instead move towards a culture where we can begin to appreciate the contents of our closet and learn how to fully maximize what we currently own with a few tips and creative ideas! 
Ashlee: Lastly, can you leave us today with you top 5-6 must-have staple wardrobe items?
Megan: Of course! Here is my top 6!
6 Wardrobe Must-Haves by Megan Michele for Ashlee Proffitt
  1. Tailored Blazer Investing in a tailored blazer is a must, in my opinion. Whether your a working professional or stay-at-home mom, this piece should be on the top of your list to purchase! Choosing a classic color, such as Black, Navy or Gray will give you the most versatile look.
  2. Patent Leather Nude Flats Nude flats have the ability to dress up any casual outfit and dress down anything too dressy.
  3. Classic Black Pumps You’ll never regret owning a classic pair of black pumps! Not too pointy, not too round-toed so that they’ll last for ages.
  4. Quality Handbag
  5. Dark Rinse – Ankle Length Denim This is such a classic wash that every woman should invest in. While jeans can get a bit pricey, you truly do get what you pay for – especially when it comes to the rinse! Dark denim has a tendency to fade quickly; a quality pair is essential. Labels like J. Crew and Joe’s Jeans keep their color great!
  6.  Chambray Shirt While most of us believe this to be a recent trend, this look has actually been around since WWII and has been a staple piece in every season of Ralph Lauren’s clothing lines. Make sure to buy a classic cut, such as a “slim” or “tailored” cut and you’ll be passing this piece down to your daughter!
Love this!! Thanks so much Megan! And we can’t wait to hear more from you!!
Make sure to check back next Tuesday when the first post from Megan Michele will go live!

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