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Ashlee Proffitt | Mama Mondays

Starting this week I will be providing two things in this little blog series.

Alphabet Focus
I will have a letter of the alphabet to focus and work on with your child. If you don’t have a lot of time, just use the very simple ideas and links provided here. (I’ve done all the work for you! Hooray!) ¬†If you want to expound on what I’ve listed here, simply do a pinterest search for (example) ‘letter A craft activity ideas’ and you will have enough ideas to keep you busy until your child goes off to college… only knowing one letter of the alphabet. ūüôā

Each Alphabet Focus will include:

  • Letter
  • Writing Sheets (links to those who have done this longer and far better than myself!)
  • Bible Verse
  • Craft and/or Activity Idea

Thematic Focus
I will choose a topic and apply Biblical principles and practices in a way that joins our belief in Jesus and the Bible to what we see around us every day.

Each Thematic Focus will include:

  • Theme
  • Bible Verse
  • Bible Story
  • Prayer Focus
  • 3 Activities/Craft Ideas (to be done throughout the week)

My hope is to not give you more that you need to do as a mom, rather an opportunity to spend just a small increment of time investing in your little one (s). The activities and ideas listed will be super simple and my thought is that they will be spread throughout the week. For example, talk about the Alphabet Focus on Monday in an intentional way, do the 15 minute little activity, read the Bible Verse and then throughout the week point out the letter every time you see it in use. Make a big deal about applying what you are learning with your child. This idea is giving you something to intentional to get excited and talk about with your child. The three activity ideas listed for the Thematic Verse is the same idea, you would complete them throughout the week in small increments of time. My purpose in this is to equip busy mamas to invest in their little ones in a way that is helpful, meaningful and encouraging. Not burdensome.

I would love your feedback as you begin to work through this. What are some ways this idea could be improved? How could I minister to you, as a busy mama, more efficiently?

Ok. Let’s go! Yay!

Alphabet Focus
  • Letter: A
  • Trace an A¬†
  • Practice Writing Letter A | ¬†Worksheet¬†Printable 1 | Worksheet¬†Printable 2
  • Find the Letter A | Worksheet Printable (Doing this activity with a newspaper or magazine is also really fun! Give the little one a marker and have them circle as many “A’s” as they can find!)
  • Bible Verse: All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23 (Memory Verse Printable)
    • Talk about
      • Sin
      • How we are ALL sinners
      • God & His character (How He is perfect and has never sinned)
      • Jesus and how He made a way for us to know Him (Romans 5:8)


A is for Alligator | The Intentional Mama | Ashlee Proffitt

This was done by my oldest son, Andrew, when he was 3. It’s a little beat up but you get the idea of the cuteness. He especially loved cutting out the teeth. We talked about triangles so bonus points for introducing shapes! I added little brads for the eyes and our Alphabet Book was off to a great start!



God Gives Us Families (Thematic Focus)
  • Bible Verse: God gives us families. Psalm 68.6 (Memory Verse Printable)
  • Bible Story: 1 Timothy 1:5
    • How Timothy was a believer and that he loved Jesus.
    • How he had a mama and grandma who loved Jesus and taught him about Jesus.
    • Describe your family and all its members (List them out on a piece of paper!)
    • Describe how each member of the family is different, with different roles, gifts and abilities
    • Talk about how families are a gift! It’s like God gave us a big present when he gave us our family!
    • Talk about how we show love to our family members by praying for them, giving to them, and serving them.
    • List out ways we can serve (or help!) our family members.
    • Family members to know and love Jesus
    • Jesus to give us power to love, serve and give to our family members
  • READ

Memory Verse | Psalm 68:6

Activity 1

Make family portraits! (We used shapes cut out of construction paper to review shapes and colors. See ours below! Adee squeals every time she sees Asher’s little masterpiece.)

Activity 2

Wash, dry and sort the dishes!
Use plasticware and a sink of warm sudsy water to let your little one explore the beauty of helping and serving within the family. Then let them dry and sort the dishes by category, color or size.

Activity 3

Make prayer cards or sticks. Use fun paper or popsicle sticks to write the names of your family members onto. Decorate with paint, glitter or stickers. Each day choose one of the cards or sticks to pray for one of the members of your family. Talk about the importance of praying specifically for the ones you love the most in your life.

Proffitt Family Portrait by Asher Proffitt (Printable ‘My Family’ template with bible verse)

Family Portrait | Intentional Mama | Ashlee ProffittFamily Portrait | Intentional Mama | Ashlee ProffittFamily Portrait | Intentional Mama | Ashlee ProffittFamily Portrait | Intentional Mama | Ashlee Proffitt¬†Please note Adee’s bow (Asher told me she had to have a bow! ha!) and Aaden in heaven.

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