Mama Monday: Love the Lord First


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Proverbs 31:30 | Ashlee Proffitt

Dear Mamas,

You are beautiful even with unwashed hair and 3 day old makeup and yoga pants that double as pajamas.

You are brave and the countless decisions you make all day every day, matter.

You are selfless and beautifully model Jesus as you continually lay down your life for the needs of your husband and children.

You are an amazing teacher and all those seemingly insignificant lessons you are reminding your little ones again and again and again are valuable and definitely not in vain.

You are valued and though the work is hard and never ending, you are accomplishing so much.

You are loved and while you may not feel that love every moment of every day. Trust me, you are loved. You are loved far more deeply than you could ever imagine by a God who moved heaven and earth to rescue you. He loves you perfectly… the way you desire to love your own children and yet often fall short.

If you are striving for perfection today you will fail. You will be tired and exhausted and ready to quit.

If you are striving to love Jesus and to point those little hearts to Him, you will succeed. You will succeed in the best most amazing way. You will experience freedom and joy as you realize that only Jesus can love those little ones perfectly, only He can rescue them and provide for them what their heart truly needs.

So today, pursue Jesus. Spend time in the Word (the dishes and laundry and even dinner can wait) and spend time in prayer because a woman who fears (who knows and loves and is in awe of) the Lord is to be praised.

Feel free to print this verse for a sweet daily reminder of this truth.

The regularly scheduled Mama Monday series will begin again next week at it’s regularly scheduled time and content. 

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