Intentional Mama: Letter C + God Gives Us Friends


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Ashlee Proffitt | Intentional Mamas
Alphabet Focus
  • Letter: C
  • Trace an C
  • Practice Writing Letter C| Worksheet Printable 1 | Worksheet Printable 2
  • Find the Letter C | Worksheet Printable
  • Bible Verse: Create in me a pure heart, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Psalm 51:10
    (Memory Verse Printable)

    • Talk About / Questions to Ask
      • Ask: What does it mean to be clean in this verse?
      • Ask: Why do we need to be clean? Clean from what? Talk about sin and how we are all sinners who need Jesus to make us clean. (Give very practical examples of ways they sin or disobey, that they can understand. We cannot understand our need for Jesus if we do not understand that He is perfect and we are sinners in need of a Savior.)
      • Ask: How does God make us clean? Talk about Jesus and His death, burial and resurrection.
      • Ask: How often do we need Jesus to clean our hearts? Talk about how once we believe in Him and ask Him to be King of our lives, we are His forever, He holds us so tight in His hand. But, we need Him every day to make us more and more like Him and that means we ask Him to forgive us our sins and clean our hearts and ‘renew’ our spirit.
      • Ask: What does renew mean? Talk about how the word ‘renew’ means ‘to be new’ and how we want Jesus to make our hearts new!

Memory Verse | Letter C | Intentional Mama by Ashlee Proffitt

  • Craft: C is for Catepillar (slide these sweet little pieces of artwork into a page protector and then in a 3 ring notebook to start creating a really sweet alphabet book!)

C-is-for-Caterpillar | Intentional Mama by Ashlee Proffitt

Thematic Focus: God Gives Us Friends (Friends Come in All Sizes)
    • BIBLE VERSE: A friend loves at all times. Proverbs 17:17
      (Memory Verse Printable)
    • BIBLE STORY: 1 Samuel 18-20 (Jonathan & David)
      • Friendship is a gift.
      • The importance of friendship.
      • Friends come in all shapes and size. Talk about how we can have friends of different ages, from different places, with a different first language, from another country.
      • Describe friendships in your own lives and talk about how each friend is different. (Older, younger, different jobs, different color hair, from different places, etc.)  (List them out on a piece of paper!)
      • Why do we need friends?
      • Is it ok for our friends to be different than us?  Why?
      • How can we show love to our friends?
      • What are our favorite things to do with our friends?
      • Why should we pray for our friends?
    • PRAY FOR
      • Friends (by name) to know and love Jesus.
      • Jesus to give us power to love, serve and give to our friends.
    • READ

Memory Verse | Proverbs 17:17

Activity 1

Make a friendship portrait! Have the little one draw or paint a picture of their friends doing their favorite things.

Activity 2

Have a friend party! Make cookies and cupcakes and throw a little friend party. Make sure you have balloons!! 🙂 aka: playdate.

Activity 3

Make cards for friends! Have your little one draw a picture on the front of the card of their favorite thing to do with that friend. On the inside, write down all the things your little one loves about their friend. Make sure to mail the cards when you’re all done!!

Have fun this week mamas!

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