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Happy April friends! For your Easter and spring time enjoyment I bring to you a gorgeous desktop calendar… that you may want to eat!

My absolute most favorite candy ever. Seriously. I eat those amazing little cadbury eggs one at a time and after Easter I buy up all the leftovers at a ridiculously discounted price and enjoy them through the year. ahem. week. 🙂

Because Shay Cochrane is amazing, she did two images for me this month so I did two calendars for you! Hooray! (This one is my favorite! What designer would not love those amazing little Pantone cards?!)

Free April Desktop Calendar | Photography by Shay Cochrane, Calendar & Design by Ashlee Proffitt

mage from the gorgeous SC Stock Shop by my amazingly talented friend Shay Cochrane.

To download to your computer, simply click on the images below, and save the large image to your computer. Then set it as your desktop wallpaper. Enjoy!

Free April Desktop Calendar | Ashlee Proffitt Free April Desktop Calendar | Ashlee Proffitt

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