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Intentional Mama | From the Heart of Ashlee Proffit
Alphabet Focus

Memory Verse Printable | John 3:16 | Intentional Mama Series by Ashlee Proffitt

  • Talk About / Questions to Ask
    • Ask: What does this Bible verse mean?
    • Ask: How do we know God loves us?
    • Ask: Who is God’s only son?
    • Ask: What does perish mean?
    • Ask: What is eternal life?
    • Talk About: How believing in Jesus, that He died for our sins, was buried to prove that He died, and rose Himself from the dead, and asking Him to be Lord (talk about how “Lord” means ruler, manager of our life) of our life means we will have eternal life.

Intentional Mama Series by Ashlee Proffitt | Alphabet Project

  • CRAFT: F is for Feather
      • Draw a letter F on a heavyweight piece of paper
      • Glue feathers to the F shape
      • Have fun with the feathers. Sort them by color or size. (I got a huge pack of colorful feathers from Michaels for just a few dollars!) Or throw them in the air and have a feather party!
    • Things that begin with the letter F. Make a list or draw pictures of the things you come up with.
    • Fish (Fun Facts About Fish)
  • READ (check them out in your local library!):
Activity 1

Go to a pet store and look at all the fish! Take a little clipboard with paper or a notebook to write about or draw pictures of all the different kinds of fish you see.

Activity 2

Cracker Pick-Up Work on those fine motor skills! Give your little one fish crackers, tweezers and two bowls. Have them use the tweezers to move the crackers from one bowl to the other bowl.

Activity 3

Make your own Rainbow Fish! Use this template/coloring page. Glue sequins, colored paper, and small pieces of aluminum foil to the template. This is super cute too!

Activity 4

Beanbag Toss! Use beanbags and ‘fish bowls’ to have a beanbag toss game. (Dollar Tree sells jars that are perfect for a fish bowl game!)

Have fun this week mamas!!


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