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Memory Verse Printable | Letter H | Intentional Mama Series by

  • Talk About / Questions to Ask
    • Ask: What does this Bible verse mean?
    • Read Psalm 47 together. Talk about why worship God.
    • Ask: Why do we clap our hands to worship God?
    • Ask: Why do we sings songs to worship God?
    • Ask: How does this verse say we are supposed to sing songs of joy? (with LOUD voices. Kids love this. ;))
  • CRAFT: H is for Hand
      • Draw or print a letter H on a heavyweight piece of paper
      • Trace your little ones hands or have them trace their own hands
      • Cut out the hands and glue to the H
    • Things that we can do with our hands
    • Talk about our bodies and how we are uniquely made. (Read Psalm 139 together)
    • Talk about the parts that make up our body (hands, arms, feet, legs, brain, head, fingers, toes, etc.)
    • Talk about finger prints and how no one else ever will have the same finger print as you
    • What do we use our hands, ears, nose, and tongue for? Talk about: Senses (give examples of touch, hear, smell and taste!)
    • Human Body (Fun Facts About the human body)
  • READ (check them out in your local library!):
Activity 1 | Worship Time

Have your own worship time! Clap your hands and sing as loud as you can! I LOVE The Rizers for kids! Perfect fun gospel-centered worship for kids.

Activity 2 | Hand Print

Make a handprint craft! Let your child choose his/her favorite and then make it. (Everything from a hand pirate to a hand frog in a Pinterest search for ‘hand print craft’)

Activity 3 | Make Your Own Hand Book

Make a book by cutting 2 normal sheets of paper into quarters. Staple the pages together. Trace around your child’s hand on each page and have them draw or write about something they can do with their hands. Decorate the cover with a self-portrait and their name.

Activity 4 | Texture Game

Grab several things from around the house that have very distinct textures (sand paper, flour, satin ribbon, salt, paper, towel, rug/carpet, leaves, etc.) Blindfold your little one and have them touch each item one by one and then making a guess about what it is!

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