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Intentional Mama | From the Heart of Ashlee Proffit

Alphabet Focus

Printable Memory Verse | Letter J | Intentional Mama

Talk About / Questions to Ask

  • Ask: What does this Bible verse mean?
  • Ask: Who is Jesus?
  • Ask: What does ‘yesterday’ and ‘today’ and ‘forever’ mean?
  • Ask: Why is it important that we believe Jesus is the same always, never changing?

J is for Jaguar | Letters & Simple Activities for Mamas & Littles | Intentional Mama by Ashlee Proffitt

Image via Totally Tots

CRAFT: J is for Jaguar (Instructions)


READ (check them out in your local library!):

Activity 1 | Memory Game

Use this Memory Game Printable (save to your computer and print 2 copies on heavy weight paper.) Cut the cards out and play memory!

Activity 2 | Cat Walk

Use painters tape and make a path through your house and have the littles take turns walking like a cat. You have to try it to mama!

Activity 3 | Animal Patterns

Use this Pattern Play Printable (save to your computer and print) to have your littles draw the patterns of the different animals.

Have a great week mamas!!

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