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Intentional Mama | Simple Ideas for Teaching Children About Gratitude |Intentional Mama by Ashlee Proffitt

I would love to spend intentional time this month teaching my children about gratitude and looking for opportunities to exemplify a heart of thankfulness.

Last week the Intentional Mama post encouraged the little ones (and you!!) to list out people, things, experiences they were thankful for.

Today, let’s talk about people we are grateful for and then let them know it!

Children's Thanksgiving Activities | Intentional Mama by Ashlee Proffitt

Bible Focus
  • Bible Verse: giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ Ephesians 5:20
  • Memory Verse Printable
  • Talk About
    • Ask: What does this Bible verse mean?
    • Ask: What does ‘giving thanks’ mean?
    • Ask: What does ‘always’ mean?
    • Ask: What does ‘for everything’ mean?
    • Ask: What are some ways we can show we are thankful?
    • Ask: What are some things you are thankful for?
    • Ask: Why do you think it’s a good idea to show gratitude (thankfulness)?
    • Read the following verses together. Talk about God made everything and everything we have is a gift.
    • Read: 1 Timothy 6:17. Talk about why God blesses us.

Children's Thanksgiving Activities | Intentional Mama by Ashlee Proffitt

Giving Thanks Activity + Printable
  1. Writing: Have your child make a list of people they are grateful for.
  2. Think About It: Encourage your children to think through why they are thankful for those specific people and to share the ‘why’ out loud.
  3. Action: Print out the Grateful Cards (links below) and have your child write cards to the people they said they were grateful for.
  4. Prayer: Spend just a few minutes thanking God for those people!!

Grateful Card Printable (Black) | Grateful Card Printable (Blue) | Grateful Card Printable (Pink)

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