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Closet Overhaul | Intentional Style by Ashlee Proffitt & Megan Michele

Overhauling a closet can be scary because it requires true honesty. Often times, it’s fear of having too little that keeps us holding on to excess items and hinders us from being truly intentional with our wardrobe. But, it doesn’t have to be a fearful process! It can actually be rewarding because it will allow you to become more intentional with the wardrobe you currently have and the future pieces you will begin to invest in.

The first question to consider when overhauling your closet is “Who am I?” And by that I mean, what is the context of your life: 

  • What do your days look like? 
  • Who is your audience? 
  • What is your budget? 
  • What is your age? 
  • What is your true size?

Let’s take Ashlee for instance, she’s a life-of-the-party 31 year old, mommy entrepreneur and pastor’s wife whose days may consist of branding consultations, or carpool line, or hosting church small group, or ALL of the above. It’s important that Ashlee builds a wardrobe of casual and versatile pieces, yet tailored and easily pulled together!

So when we began the process of overhauling Ashlee’s closet, we wanted to consider a few unsaid rules:

  • If it no longer fits, it’s time to give away. Embrace your body!
  • If you genuinely have not worn an item in over a year and it’s not an heirloom piece, it’s time to donate.
  • If you’re nearing your late 20’s, or older, and your pant size is an odd number (aka, juniors size), it’s also time to donate.
  • If your sweaters are too nubby and pilly beyond repair, it’s time to toss.
  • If your tops have discoloration in the armpit area, it’s best those are tossed as well.
  • If you continue to say, “It just needs to be tailored”, but you haven’t gotten around to it yet, donate.
  • If your young daughter has a similar dress as you do, you might want to consider giving yours away.
  • And let’s not forget shoes, if the soles are significantly worn or taps are missing on the heels, either take them to the shoe cobbler or toss.

It was a comical and scary overhaul for Ashlee… there might have been a few more empty hangers than she would have liked! But nonetheless, it enabled us to bring her current wardrobe to where she wanted it to be, so we could then better assess the essentials to invest in. (The 10 Key Pieces for Every Woman’s Wardrobe coming next week!)

Closet Overhaul | Intentional Style by Ashlee Proffitt & Megan Michele


Intentional Style | Megan Michele

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