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That moment you meet a potential client and you practically beg them to let you work on their project because you just know immediately what a perfect fit the two of you are. Meredith Teasley was one such client. An absolute gem who made this branding project effortless even amidst morning sickness and moving!

Together we created and developed a timeless and classic brand for Meredith Teasley that I am so excited to show you!

Meredith Teasley Brand Elements by Ashlee Proffitt

From our first consultation (I secretly love Skype dates!) and in-depth homework, Meredith and I got to work creating an inspiration board that would serve as our foundation moving forward. Our goal was to create a timeless brand that made her clients feel welcomed and loved. Nothing stuffy or pretentious about Meredith. Just timeless beauty that makes one feel loved and valued.

I love using descriptive words in conjunction with visual inspiration while developing a client’s brand elements. This measure simply helps me see the end goal more fully. Below are a few of the words I consistently used as a measure throughout the design process:

Descriptive Words


  • simple
  • organic


  • clean
  • airy


  • rustic
  • classic


Inspiration Board

Meredith Teasley Brand Elements by Ashlee Proffitt

We created a primary logo with several alternate versions to be used for the different areas of her business. I especially love the “est. 2011” element of her new logo. It gives a sense of history and experience and simple timelessness.

Her collateral elements had one goal, to communicate her love and care for her clients. In all the pieces we developed her heart is so evident! A few pieces that we created are below! We also created a number of gifts just for her and her clients but those we have to keep top secret just in case one of you may be a Meredith Teasley bride.

Collateral Elements

Meredith Teasley Brand & Collateral Elements by Ashlee Proffitt

And then came the website! The goal was to create a space that allowed her potential clients and clients alike to see the heart of Meredith Teasley, to get to know her and her work in a way that was effortless and inviting. I think we accomplished that very thing. Go take a peek and leave Meredith some love! She definitely deserves it!


Meredith Teasley Brand, Collateral & Website by Ashlee Proffitt


Branding by Ashlee Proffitt

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