Free Computer Desktop + iPhone Wallpapers | | Hand Lettering by Ashlee Proffitt

I hope you are having a great February!

I absolutely LOVE creating these wallpapers for you! January was spent diving into 2016 goals & planning while simultaneously working on several client projects. I am currently wrapping up one branding client and started a new client earlier this week. If you know me or have heard me chat about work/life balance and priorities at all you know that multiple projects at one time is more than I can handle well. So despite my absolute love for this space, blogging had to take a back seat the last month or so in order to serve and love my clients well.

If you are anything like me, a girl wanting to do all the things and wanting to do them well, my encouragement to you is that it’s not a “never” it’s just a matter of “not right now.” Understanding that principle has given me so much freedom in laying aside something I creatively want to pursue knowing that it isn’t a “never” rather just a “wait until there is a bit more space so you can pursue that thing more fully with more capacity, creativity and energy.”

No matter what you are dreaming of and pursuing this month, I pray you pursue Jesus first, and that He fills your heart with all the grace you need to make those dreams and goals happen. And I pray that these wallpapers are a source of joy and inspiration for the remaining days of February.


Free Computer Desktop + iPhone Wallpapers | | Hand Lettering by Ashlee Proffitt



  • Verse Wallpaper

    Verse Wallpaper

  • Happy January Wallpaper

    Happy January Wallpaper

  • February Wallpaper

    February Wallpaper

To use Desktop Wallpaper: Click on the links below, and save the large image to your computer. Then set it as your desktop wallpaper.

To use iPhone Wallpaper + Lock Screen: Click on the links below, and save the image to your photos. Open your camera roll, select the image and click next. A box should pop up with icons (message, mail, copy, etc.) choose ‘Use as Wallpaper.’ Scale or position the image to your liking and then select ‘Set Lock Screen.’