March Wallpapers: Phone, Tablet & Desktop
Wallpapers for Phones, Tablets & Desktops | Ashlee Proffitt | Free Download


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Wallpapers for Phones, Tablets & Desktops | Ashlee Proffitt | Free Download

Well February, that was quick. You were full of good things and I am so grateful for all I learned and experienced during our time together.

  • Pursuit Retreat! What a joy teaching women from the Bible and being in the midst of business women who are dreaming big dreams but desiring and trusting God to lead the way.
  • Celebrating Asher’s birthday! We had so much fun! More on that later!
  • Faith Retreat! I was just so blessed to join a few women for a few days, leaning into hard places, speaking truth to one another, praying for one another and getting to watch God work. You can read more about the retreat here.
  • Working with sweet clients on exciting new projects.
  • Gaining clarity and wisdom about what’s next for Ashlee Proffitt (the business) as well as The Morning.
  • My parents visiting!
  • Making some headway on my 2017 goals. (February left little room for movement towards goals. It was a great month, just full.)
  • Continuing to establish new rhythms & routines, making them habits.
  • Spring break! We rented a tiny beach house and I’m looking forward to family time.
  • Quarterly night away with my cute husband. We decided in our 2017 planning that we wanted a mini getaway (think one night staycation semi-local) just the two of us, to reconnect in a way that only a bit of extended time can offer. Super excited that we actually planned that and are making the first one happen this month.

What are you looking forward to this month? I’m praying that no matter what you are big things or beautiful things or hard things you are facing this month, that these simple wallpapers will serve as a daily reminder that you are loved. Enjoy.

Wallpapers for Phones, Tablets & Desktops | Ashlee Proffitt | Free Download


To use Desktop Wallpaper: Click on the links below, and save the large image to your computer. Then set it as your desktop wallpaper.


To use iPhone & Tablet Wallpapers + Lock Screen: Click on the links below, and save the image to your photos. Open your camera roll, select the image and click next. A box should pop up with icons (message, mail, copy, etc.) choose ‘Use as Wallpaper.’ Scale or position the image to your liking and then select ‘Set Lock Screen.’




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