Brand Assessment Homework
STEP ONE Pinterest Board
Create a board that is just for your brand. Pin images that visually represent you and your aesthetic. You are not looking for already existing logos but for design aesthetic inspiration. Example. When you are finished pinning, or if you already have a board completed, send me the link via email (
Ideas To Pin:
  • typefaces
  • color palettes
  • room decor (i.e. your ideal master bedroom)
  • favorite outfits
  • packaging
  • products you love
  • companies & existing brands you love
STEP TWO Brand Elements Board

Compile all of your brand elements onto one page. (It does not need to be well-designed!) Example. Send your Brand Elements Board via email (

    • Logo
    • Color Palette
    • Alternate Logo / Icons / Submarks
    • Font / Typeface
    • Patterns / Textures
STEP THREE Collateral Pieces

Ship any of the following items to Ashlee: 27239 Edenfield Drive | Wesley Chapel, Florida 33544 OR photograph (It does not need to be a great photograph! I just need to see those elements!) and send via email (

    • Business Card
    • Collateral Pieces (such as Thank You Card, Note Card, Contracts, Forms, etc.)
    • Packaging Materials
    • Examples of your work
    • Anything you would like reviewed or critiqued

NOTE: For all information sent via email, please have in the subject line: Name, Brand Assessment, Date of Assessment.

STEP FOUR Complete The Questionnaire
Fill out my online form.

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