Pinterest Board | Due one week prior to Start Date
I will create a secret board that is just for you and your brand and share that board with you. Pin images that visually represent you and your aesthetic. You are not looking for already existing logos but for design aesthetic inspiration. Example. While you are pinning, make sure to comment with specifics about what you are drawn to in the image. Make sure to revisit the board and delete any pins that you do not absolutely love! When you are finished with your Pinterest Board, share the link with me via Basecamp.

Ideas To Pin:
  • typefaces
  • color palettes
  • room decor (i.e. your ideal master bedroom)
  • favorite outfits
  • packaging
  • products you love
  • companies & existing brands you love

Complete the Your Business Questionnaire | Due one week prior to Start Date

You will be asked to submit your business mission statement in the first questionnaire. If you have never created a solid mission statement for your business or if you have no idea how to create a mission statement, work through this Mission Statement guide before completing the Your Business Questionnaire.

For those who would love a hard copy and more in-depth Branding Homework to do own your own, feel free to use this Branding Workbook This packet does not need to be turned in to me and is simply to serve you further during the research and development phase of the branding project.


Complete the Client Experience Questionnaire | Due by Start Date


Complete the Website Questionnaire | Due by Start Date

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