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A Simple & Effective Quiet Time Routine

Tips for a Simple & Effective Quiet Time Routine | Ashlee Proffitt

Since my college days, specifically since fall of 2003, my heart yearns for daily time in God’s Word. Over the past 14ish years since then I have gone through many life seasons: from college student to engaged college student to married college student to barely-out-of-college-new-mama to church planter’s wife to working mama of 3 littles. No […]

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Ask Ashlee: Why Do You Sell Products & Goods?

As creatives we are constantly faced with a barrage of ideas, custom requests, and the ever present “I can make that” or “I can do that.” My to-do list is ever increasing and most of the time I am the problem, creating more projects for myself than I will ever have time to complete or even […]

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Ask Ashlee: Fighting Writer’s Block

  Question from Yasmin How do you fight writer’s block or come up with post/series titles?” Ashlee Thanks Yasmin for your great question!! I think there is a lot we could chat about here but I am going to focus on just a few ideas I have that will hopefully answer your question! 1. Know […]

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