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Master Bedroom Inspiration

Neutral Romantic Bedroom Inspiration | Ashlee Proffitt

Three years ago I posted this inspiration for our master bedroom. Unfortunately until about a week ago our bedroom still looked exactly the way it did 3 years ago. Thankfully we are finally making some changes and I am so excited. The old bed and dresser have been sold. New bed and room arrangement are in place. […]

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How To Add Character To A Builder-Grade Bathroom

Maybe you, like me, have a lovely home. But a home that has many very simple, builder-grade qualities that are lacking any real character. And if you are like me, your home is at least 10 years old and many of those builder-grade qualities are not only lacking character but they are also significantly outdated. I […]

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House & Home: Office

Welcome to my office! We moved into our home almost 3 years ago and at the time had just gone through a major financial crisis after losing our house due to defective drywall. (Crazy circumstances. You can google “Chinese Drywall” if you want to know more about that.) God essentially gifted us the home we […]

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Thanksgiving Table: Gold

I come from an enormous extended family so our Thanksgiving dinner has always been buffet style and the ‘adults’ sat at the table while the rest of us piled anywhere there was an open space. I loved it. And still do. I plan on eating my fill while loving on my siblings and niece and nephews […]

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Room Design: Zebra + Hot Pink

Say hello to the most perfect curated space for the 20 something, whether in her first college apartment or a young professional with a big girl job, this space is amazing! The details communicate maturity without feeling stuffy, modern without feeling cold and feminine without feeling too young. I combined high and low items to […]

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Room Design: Floral + Pink + White

Introducing a new series where I get to play interior designer (my not-so-secret dream job in another life!) I’ll be sharing curated rooms for the entire home with all different styles and aesthetics in mind. Up first, a pretty perfect baby girl’s nursery or little girl’s room! How much do you love this pretend space?! […]

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House & Home: Sofas

We moved to Florida a little over 5 years ago. We sold almost all of our furniture for that move and still packed the biggest Penske truck available to the brim. Upon our arrival we (more so me!) had the crazy idea that our new home had to be completely furnished (and perfectly decorated) for […]

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House & Home: Little Boys Room

I kind of adore my little guys’ bedroom so I just had to share it with you! Yesterday I gave you a little sneak peek of their room with a couple before and afters of their dresser. The transformations were amazing and so simple to do and cost nearly nothing. Their room is full of […]

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Before & After: Thrifted Dressers

Anyone else love a good before & after?! When making our house into a home, I work with a tiny budget. For the most part I’m ok with that (insert: learning contentment) because I love projects and I see potential in just about everything. Two years ago we had just moved into a new house […]

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