Intentional Mama

Meal Planning for the Modern Mama

Meal Planning Modern Mama | Eat Real With Me | 6 Healthy Meals in One Hour | Ashlee Proffitt

Every Sunday afternoon I pull out all my cookbooks and my handy meal planner worksheet and grocery lister. Then I spend a silly amount of time choosing the right meals for the week, overthinking what will work best for each night’s different schedules and simultaneously doing my very best to plan healthy meals with healthy ingredients. This […]

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New Year Reset

Intentional Goal Setting with Your Spouse | New Year Reset | Ashlee Proffitt

Years ago my husband and I decided that we wanted to proactively and intentionally enter into each new year. We no longer wanted to arbitrarily create resolutions or goals or aimlessly walk into a new season. We wanted our marriage, our family, our friendships, our work, our ministry, our daily lives to be full of purpose and […]

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Tiny Fishermen

I posted this thought a few months ago in regards to parenting our precious littles: I’m just wondering if we stopped trying to get it so perfect (their behavior, their experiences, education, and even birthday parties) if we would see it for what it is…. a gift. This call and gift of parenting is a wonderfully […]

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