Early Will I Seek You | Morning Routine by Ashlee Proffitt for Glow, Live As Light.

My heart is restless and my thoughts are often too scattered to sort through. 

Most mornings I wake up before my alarm. And even before I can gather my first thought into something coherent I am already panicking. 

Too much to do. Too much to manage. Too much to make sense of, sort through, and accomplish.

Almost every single morning my heart is beating for something other than my Savior. In the few hours I spent sleeping I have already forgotten that I am His…. 

Read the full post over at Glow, Live As Light where I had the privilege of guest posting this week. 

You can also find a printable version of the print above on the full post. 

Hospitality, a word that we have to come to define beautifully decorated homes and perfectly executed dinner parties, can actually be defined biblically as generosity towards guests, both friends and strangers. Generosity, to sacrifice and give of one’s resources, gifts, and time. To be available to love on people in both big and small ways; in the planned and […]

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Today I celebrate 31 years of life. These 31 years have been FULL. I have experienced so much, learned so much, loved and laughed and wept and lived so much. I am looking forward to seeing all that God reveals in the years to come. My hopes and prayers for this year (and the years to come): […]

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When it comes to friendship, I have been on the receiving end of beautiful, grace-filled friendships for the better part of the last 6 years. When I was utterly incapable of loving others well or putting others needs above my own there were women holding me up, standing in my stead, pleading with the Father […]

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I seem to have this internal struggle as of late. And I’m wondering if many of you might be feeling the same way. I war with myself over this business, more times than I would like to admit. I desperately want for it to be a blessing to my family and to all of you. […]

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Mark 4: 3 – ‘Listen…’ My husband taught through Mark 4:1-20 this past Sunday. There was much truth and grace and wisdom coming from that man. If you have some time you can listen and watch here. Mark 4 begins with Jesus teaching. Most likely he had been going non-stop for days, extending Himself beyond […]

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Art by Daily Love Dose I am watering my grass. I am investing in what God has given me and finding contentment where He has me. I am prayerfully not wishing or asking for different circumstances. I am working towards the goals and calling that He has laid on my heart: to serve and love […]

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