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Hi friends.

Welcome to {Inside} Ashlee Proffitt Design (previously known as Serendipity Design.)

Over the past couple months I have been making changes within my business in the attempt to grow as an artist and business woman (yeah right. Let’s be honest… I am a terrible business woman… although I am making a daily effort to be better…)

The first change was with the name, logo, and complete identity system. In the coming weeks there will be more changes as I add new (and old) products to my new shop and revamp my website. I will keep you updated as I continue to make improvements.

I wanted an opportunity to write about all the happenings within my budding business as well as a place to share works in progress, inspiration, or just things that I love… and that is what I will do here! (For those of you who don’t know me… to get to know me better, to see where I have come from and what has brought me to this point you can read here.)

Here are some fun things you have to look forward to (on a regular basis – imagine that?!):

Mondays {Favorite Finds}
An excuse for me to show you fun things I love (and to promote fellow Etsy sellers)!

Tuesdays {Inside Look}
A weekly update on projects I am currently working on.

Wednesdays {Inspiration to Creation}
What inspires me and how it helps me create.
You will get to see projects as a direct result of real weddings, color palettes, or daily photography

Thursdays {Font Love}
One of my passions/hobbies… finding fonts I love.
Now I have a way to share them with you.

Fridays {Give-Aways & Ideas For Your Weekend}
Look forward to free stuff! And fun ideas/projects for your weekend.

I know what you are saying… those of you who know me… “Ashlee, aren’t you being a little ambitious???” Yes, of course. Do you expect anything less? ha. These are simply goals for me to work towards and I am excited for this opportunity to continue to grow as an artist.

Thanks for stopping by!

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