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Train Party Birthday Invitations
{for my soon to be 3 year old}

I wanted to create a modern and hip little invitation for my son who LOVES his trains.
My goal was to create something unique and different. What do you think?

Toy Trains (Ikea)


I photographed his little trains, printed the photographs, sketched/traced over the printed photograph, created a line drawing using tracing paper over the photograph/ink image, scanned the tracing paper into my computer, and then very carefully vectorized (definitely not a word) the line drawing. (I highly doubt that he will appreciate the amount of work that went into this very seemingly simple invitation. ha.)

{My Helper}
While I photographed and traced, my little one colored his own train in his little coloring book.
{Finished Product}
I love it. I think it is super chic and unexpected for a little boy who loves trains. I like that the color scheme is different (well from normal boys, not to my son, his room is decorated in those colors) and gives it a retro feel.

{So fun}

I will be creating a birthday party pack for this invitation set and will have it in the shop soon. Let me know if you would like purchasing/customizing information.

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