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Life is crazy.

Right at the moment I have about 4 different to-do lists and nothing seems to be getting crossed off on any of those lists.

My goal was to have revamped my entire business (not too lofty of a goal…haha) by the second week of August.

Also, I am one of the graphic designers for a church plant by the name of Aletheia… maybe you have heard of it. 😉 Aletheia (greek word for truth) is a collegiate church plant, that means, the end of summer is an all-out sprint to the finish line that is typically the third week of August. So, all of the projects that need to be in our hands by the end of August have to be completely designed and at the printer by… um… right now.

And most importantly I am a wife to said church plant’s pastor. With that comes lots of responsibility… mainly keeping my husband sane. 🙂 And I am a mom. Enough said.

So, to say that life is a little busy right now would be an understatement. The blogs may trail off a bit for a few weeks while I try to conquer those to-do lists, but rest assure I am here and I am working on great new designs and products for you.

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