Exciting day & a little inspiration.


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Well, it’s been a great day.

  • Gym
  • Preschool time with both little ones… although one probably learned more than the other. (we learned about how ‘God knows all about me.’ We were going over how we are all different (hair color, eye color, likes/dislike… you get the idea) but super special – So I say, ‘Drew, do you know God knows all about you, what your favorite toy is, your favorite color and even your most favorite thing to do… What’s your most favorite thing to do?’ Drew’s response: ‘oh, just going to nana’s. Can I go there now?’ haha.
  • Sketchbook (dreaming up some goodies) while the little one painted his own very beautiful artwork.

{Drew’s ‘Happy Grandparent’s Day’ card… only a few days late at this point}

{Drew’s artwork from our ‘preschool time.’}
  • And work: I sat down to check my emails and look what I found:

Yes. I will take that any day.

I had been afraid that the damaged state of my camera lens was due to something I had done which would eliminate the warranty coverage BUT it wasn’t and now it is all fixed and on it’s way home.

– – –

And here are a few finds that I am finding some inspiration from {I hope you love them too.}:

The perfect room? Well, I love it at least.
A beautiful blue living room that reminds me of our master bedroom.
I think all I really want to add to our room are a few more white/creamish accessories.
{Found via The Brass Petal}

One of my favorite things? Richly painted walls finished with white/cream/ivory accessories.
*Note that every set of curtains I own are white. Thankfully a friend let me borrow some for Aaron’s office that have a little color… I am thinking the white sheers may come across as slightly feminine. ha.

Amazing Fabric Design
{found via Design*Sponge)
{Treasure in Dandelion Yellow by Kala}

{Belbird Design in Yellow by Melbomba}

AND the PERFECT Cardigan.
This cardigan would be perfect for Florida weather. Right?
{Found via The Creative Place}
{Summer Cardigan For Everyday by My Lola Fashion}

And lastly have you ever been to OPI‘s website… yeah the fingernail polish company…
I know, call me crazy but I do love painted fingernails.
So I just found my way over to their site to see what fun colors they have.
Who knew they had the cutest site, where you can actually ‘paint your nails’ with color. Love it.

Anyway, I am currently in the mood for a dark, rich color:
haha. Isn’t that fun?

I hope you are having a great day too and finding inspiration in even the little things!

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