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Time for a sale.

For all of you faithful readers, the new recipe card sets will be 10% off their regular price! {You can find them here: Recipe Cards}
These sets would be a great addition to any kitchen or great as a gift too!
All recipe card sets are 10% off ($16.00 -> $14.40) through 10.26.10.
(Enter Promo Code: SALE10/10)

How to use the code:

  1. First add an item(s) from my shop to your cart and start the check out process.
  2. Enter the code in the ‘notes to seller’ and the email address where the revised invoice should be sent.
  3. Complete the order but do NOT go to Paypal to pay.
  4. You will receive a revised invoice, and a link to complete payment, via email reflecting the discount.’
  5. If you have any questions email me for further instructions.

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Something funny.
My mom found this old picture and had to send it to me. She kept telling me that it was hilarious and she couldn’t wait until it arrived. When it arrived yesterday, I understood her excitement.

I mean, yes, the artwork is phenomenal. What can I say, I started young. ha.
Please note the outfits and side pony tails. haha.

But the truly funny part is the writing on the back.
It reads:
My Dream
My dream is that I could when the lottery and then move to Florda. I would buy a very nice house in Florda. Then I would go make some friends. I would ask them if they would like to come over to my house for super. If they want to come to my house and want to be my friend we can go out to the ocean and just play until supper time. I wish this would come true.

Wow. So, I live in Florida and I think we have a nice house and I am pretty positive we have friends over for dinner… a lot. đŸ™‚

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